CSG is Astana top performer!

"Consulting Stroy Group" rightly holds lead on building consulting market for several years already. We care for every client! We can provide DOCUMENTARY ASSISTANCE FOR ANY CONSTRUCTION. Why do we do it? Find out in "Company vision" section!
<span>CSG is Astana top performer!</span>

Top experts at work

Every "Consulting Stroy Group" employee is a master of his craft. We composed our team out of the best experts who can work QUICKLY and FINELY! See for yourself by becoming our client! We approach every order with responsibility. Meet our experts crew!
<span>Top experts at work</span>

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We handle any problems related with construction documents arrangement, alteration legalization etc. Find out a solution for your issue by addressing our company. Get a FREE EXPERT CONSULTATION! Fill in the application form on our website or call our office to make an appointment! Contact us!
<span>Get free advice!</span>

Building and remodeling documents arrangement.

What’s most important about any construction? Documents!

Almost every person sooner or later faces necessity of building documents arrangement. You decided to build a house? Arrange or legalize remodeling? Build a commercial object? Withdraw your apartment from housing stock? You need technical assistance throughout all construction stages? Whatever problem you have, first thing you'll need to do is to arrange necessary documents. 

Many people feel resent or even despair when they think about run to this and that authority. Well, it’s obvious, because they’ll have to wait long lines in stuffy places, waste time, fill many papers, usually without proper understanding of them… And there’s, apparently, no one to consult, because all clerks are busy as they try to serve everyone quicker. In addition, they aren’t really knowledgeable about questions you want to ask them.

This paperwork consumes your energy and time without ANY successful result guarantee! If you’re a businessman in need of an object construction to expand your business, or a person who needs remodeling legalization, or an entrepreneur who’s decided to reorganize your apartment into a shop, or a caring father who’s decided to build a new house, it isn’t possible for you to be familiar with all building documents arrangement peculiarities anyway. Maybe you’re a master of your craft, but building documents arrangement is an isolated subject which you cannot really master within a couple of days or weeks.

If you’ll decide to do everything by yourself, many unpleasant surprises may be waiting for you up ahead. For example, as your application was in review by akimat, some rules have changed, and you need to rearrange some documents, or it may happen so that one certificate’s validity term may expire while you wait for another. Or maybe even worse: your documents will be returned to you if you’ve incorrectly written a single digit. Or you may just get a no, and all your plans will be under threat of total failure…

What to do? Address experts for help! To begin with, just come and get consulted in our company, because all primary consultations are free! You’ll be met by caring and competent employees who will provide you quick service and will answer all your questions in a friendly environment. You will get an individual consultation and recommendations on documents arrangement. You will comprehend all the process, step by step, of what do you need to do in order to get documents necessary for you.

Over the last years we’ve accumulated rich and valuable experience in arranging of various building documentation. We know all the pitfalls of this process. We do quality job and cherish our repute – that of a high-level company occupying top position on Astana building consulting market. It’s verified by huge amount of projects, including big ones, which were successfully brought to fruition by our specialists over the last years. As of today, "Consulting Stroy Group" is quite famous in Astana, and more and more people come to us on their acquaintance recommendation.

Company management together with the experts crew work hard every day bringing company vision to life – to make tiring, problematic and complex process of building documents arrangement into simple, clear and effective one, so you can bring your conceived construction to reality or legalize a completed object, swing a real estate deal or get a bank loan without any fuss! 

If you’re a businessman and you need to build something, it’d be wise to aim your effort at your business expansion, and delegate all the building documents arrangement routine for your object to professionals.  You can be fully confident in our employees because their expertise level is always acknowledged on practice. You’ll see it for yourself on our first meeting where you’ll be presented examples of projects similar to yours.  A reliable handling approach executed by “Consulting Stroy Group” plus our experts’ competence will allow for rendering your construction smooth and financially reasonable.  Documentary assistance on any object during every step of construction that we can deliver is convenient not only for businessmen who are Astana residents, but is also particularly good for people who live in other cities or countries and run business in Astana.

You can, of course, prepare design documents yourself by addressing licensed design organizations of Astana. You can also order topographical survey of your site or building technical inspection, get your specifications up to the expert review acquisition (after building inspection) and… object commissioning. To do so you will have to visit a big amount of organizations and delve deep into details, wait for long time, sometimes making amendments. Experience has proven that it’s way more expensive for a business owner to do it by himself than if he delegated the process to the experts. We in “Consulting Stroy Group” are proud to help clients save not only their time and energy, but also their money! Every construction gets cheaper with our assistance!

In case you need designer services, we’ll be also glad to help. We’ll find a solution for any problems you have regarding preparation and acquisition of building documents!

If you plan to build a house for your family, you should definitely consult our experts before you start the construction, because private house construction (PHC) doesn’t begin from building and installation works. It begins with approvals acquisition. And we can offer our professional help on the issue. We treat our clients and their needs with great consideration. If you delegate us the process of documents arrangements for your PHC, you can sure feel secure, for your issue will be handled by №1 building consulting company experts in Astana.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve decided to repurpose your ground floor apartments for a shop, you will first have to withdraw that apartment from the housing stock. We’ll help you to collect all necessary documents and draw your property out of the housing stock, so you can start your business on time! If you don’t want to run the authorities collecting one certificate after another, if you value your time and want to get results in minimal terms – consult us! We’ll do the job for you and you’ll get your ideal documents. Others will be envious of you!

If you want to make a remodeling, or an apartment remodeling was done earlier, and now you need to legalize it, we can help you to do this quickly and correctly.  We’re attentive to every client and we always seek the best solution for his problem. Visit us for a consultation. We’ll hear you out, examine your present documents, and tell you what other documents you have to get in order for your apartment remodeling or house annex to be deemed legal. Then you won’t have any difficulties while trying to sell you property, get a bank loan or other operations. We’ve resolved many projects of a kind, including nonstandard situations, so you can be sure about the positive result with our assistance.

If you need assistance in resolving a single problem, e.g. preliminary specifications acquisition, APA, specstopographical survey execution, design authorization acquisition, building resolution or any other issue related to building documentation – we can help in every single case. Just call us or apply for a free consultation via the online application form on this page!


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